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Products: Compact Outlook Express Backup - backup your e-mail easy and safe.

Compact Outlook Express Backup v. 2.7

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Overview of Compact Outlook Express Backup - backup software for Outlook Express.

Need a simple yet reliable solution for making a reserve copy of your Outlook Express e-mail accounts? Try entering "Outlook Express backup" and you will drown in information. Over 450000 links, several dozens different applications and no "This is the right one for you!" sign. Or, if you don't want to waste your time, simply download Compact Outlook Express Backup. It's the only Outlook Express backup tool that comes with a two-button interface. Yep, Backup and Restore are the only buttons you'll see. Pretty uncomplicated, isn't it? Yet Compact Outlook Express Backup is still a flexible tool with some muscles. This utility does not back up e-mail messages exclusively. It is capable of making a reserve copy of an e-mail account that contains account settings, general settings, signatures, rules, and a list of block senders as well. It's up to you what information you want to save. Second, each backup is date-stamped and you can add your comment too. This is especially helpful when you have several Outlook Express accounts to take care of, whether in home or office. Finally, the reserve copies can be password-protected. After all, e-mail is very personal and confidential. Most people would object to others reading it, so protecting e-mail backups with a password makes perfect sense.

While Compact Outlook Express Backup is a great way to assuage one's concerns about e-mail safety, this tool is perfect for transferring Outlook Express e-mail accounts from one PC to another, especially when older PC is being replaced by a newer one. Why waste all that time for copying data, setting up new accounts, then changing settings, entering old message rules and doing other routine if you could simply copy the reserve copy and restore it?

So do yourself a favor - don't squander your valuable time getting tangled in the web. Try Compact Outlook Express Backup now - the download is 100% free.

Download Compact Outlook Express Backup buy now!
1010 KB


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OS Supported:

  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Vista

Outlook Express versions supported:

  • Outlook Express 5.0
  • Outlook Express 5.01
  • Outlook Express 5.5
  • Outlook Express 6
Compact Outlook Express Backup

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