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Products: TotalWipe 1.20 - wipe program for Windows (formelly AlmerShredder).

TotalWipe v 1.20

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Overview of TotalWipe - wipe program for Windows

We all know that there are special utilities with the help of which practically any person can restore a file, deleted by standard means of Windows. Windows simply remotes a record about existence of a file from the file system. File content remains on your hard drive and can be restored any moment. Thus secret and valued information is available to many people.

As a rule operating system of your computer records most of your actions. It saves the last opened documents, internet addresses you visit and much private (sensitive) information. It makes your work more simple as it allows you to quickly repeat the same actions. But there appear situations when it's important for you not to leave some trace of your work. You share your computer with a partner and you don't want him to know which sites you visit. You don't want members of your family to know how you spend time on the Internet. Our company developed TotalWiper specially for you to solve security problems. It gives you confidence that nobody can interfere with your private life.

TotalWiper was developed by our specialists on computer security. It is easy to customize for deleting private (sensitive) information you want to hide. TotalWiper will delete everything you wanted. TotalWiper is very easy to use and customize as it has a simple interface. Besides system information such as last visited sites, last opened documents, Internet site passwords you can delete usual files you want to be impossible to restore.

TotalWipe works with all versions of Windows beginning with Windows 95. It also works with file systems supported by Windows, including FAT, FAT32 and NTFS.

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720 KB
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Key feature TotalWipe

  • Deleting files and folders without possibility to restore them.
  • Deleting system information containing your data:
    • Deleting last entered addresses in your browser
    • Deleting passwords saved in cash browser
    • Deleting customizations saved for different sites (cookies)
    • Deleting last visited sites (history)
    • Deleting last opened documents (Recently Documents)
    • Deleting all the documents from "My Documents" folder by one click
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