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Products: AlmerBackup v 4.8 - powerful backup program

AlmerBackup v 4.8

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Overview of AlmerBackup - backup program for Windows

If you ever lost your data, there is no need to persuade you that having reliable backup program is an absolute necessity. Backup program not only protects your data, but also keeps old versions of you files and makes finding documents easy.

Recognizing this need, we created AlmerBackup, a powerful backup program you can virtually set and forget, that reliably copies your files to a safe place and keeps track of all changes to those files.

AlmerBackup is regarded by the industry experts as one of the best backup solutions available on the Internet. There are several reasons for this. The program can function completely autonomously and automatically. This is critical, since many users forget to back up their data regularly and only software that has scheduling options ensures that your data is getting backed up often. All you have to do is to install and set up this program - the rest is done automatically. Also, AlmerBackup allows you to back up your data to a variety of storage media- local drive, network drive, external drive, floppy, CD and even ftp-server. This is done so that you can store backed up files in a different place (for safety reasons) and move it as necessary. The program supports strong encryption (AES) and comes with e-mail notification options for errors or informing about. Finally, AlmerBackup lets you save different versions of the same document (usually 5 different copies, but the number is customizable). This feature is known as "history revision"; it gives you a significant advantage, since it does not overwrite previous copies of the document, so you can return to earlier versions of the document. The program can automatically add dates to file names to make document identification easy. It can also compress backed up data to .zip files in order to save space. Add to this built-in planner and now you know why AlmerBackup is considered to be the champion of backup utilities. Just install it and forget about your problems.

AlmerBackup is ideal for both home and corporate use. Its unique combination of features makes the program an essential tool to have. Best of all, this application is distributed electronically, which means you can download free trial version and test it extensively.

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Main features of AlmerBackup are:

  • Backup to local or network drive;
  • Backup to FTP-server;
  • Backup to CD drive;
  • Backup to DVD drive;
  • Backup with compression;
  • Backup of a system registry;
  • Strong encryption of user's data by AES cryptography with 128 or 256 key length;
  • E-mail report about the status of a backup job;
  • Built-in scheduler;
  • Easy to use interface;

Online Help

If you have other suggestions you think would improve AlmerBackup, please send them to We are always willing to receive suggestions about our software!

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