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Products: AlmerBackup Pro v 3.9 - backup software with service support

AlmerBackup Pro v 3.9

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Overview of AlmerBackup Pro - backup software for Windows with service support.

AlmerBackup Pro - professional version of AlmerBackup. Main difference is possibility to run AlmerBackup Pro as a service in WinNT, Win2000, WinXP and Win2003. As a result, AlmerBackup Pro will do reserve copies of your data automatically, without your manual control.

AlmerBackup Pro is a reliable backup solution specially created for advanced users who want to have more options and very highly regarded by the IT professionals. In fact, some system administrators tried over a dozen of backup utilities before, only to find that they were either completely incompatible with their network settings or did not provide enough automation and customization options. So if you are an advanced PC user looking for an advanced backup utility, or an IT professional responsible for maintaining large network of computers, read carefully and take an advantage of being able to download and test this utility extensively free of charge.

Stuffed with lifesaver features, like e-mail notifications or backup error log, AlmerBackup Pro can be run as service on Windows NT, XP, 2000 and 2003 PCs. This means that each computer, no matter whether there are 5 or 5000 of them, can be set up to perform backups automatically, without even requiring each PC user to login. This is a huge advantage over other applications that require system administrators to perform individual work on each one.

Naturally, AlmerBackup Pro comes with a wealth of storage media options. Reserve backup copies can be saved to local or network drives, CDs, external drives or remote FTP servers. Built-in compression options, like zip support, can significantly cut down on space used by the backed up data.

Password-protected backups guarantee that only authorized personnel will be able to restore data.

This is not only a good corporate security practice, but also a simple way to prevent accidental replacement of current "good" data with outdated copies of old files. In addition, AlmerBackup Pro can be set up to save multiple copies of the same document rather then overwriting old copy with a new one each time. Finally, AlmerBackup Pro is one of the most affordable professional backup solutions distributed on the Internet.

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Main features of AlmerBackup Pro are:

  • Work as a service on WinNT, Win2000, WinXP and Win2003;
  • Backup to local or network drive;
  • Backup to FTP-server;
  • Backup to CD drive;
  • Backup to DVD drive;
  • Backup with compression;
  • Encryption by AES algorithm with the key length 128 or 256 bits;
  • E-mail notification about backup status;
  • Built-in sheduler;
  • Easy to use interface;

If you have other suggestions you think would improve AlmerBackup Pro, please send them to We are always willing to receive suggestions about our software!

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